Divorced and retired, Tony Webster, an ageing Londoner and vintage camera shop owner, whittles down the solitude of his isolated existence by keeping an affectionate relationship with his ex-wife, Margaret, and by accompanying his nearly full-term pregnant daughter, Susie, to antenatal courses. However, the unexpected arrival of an unsettling letter will disrupt the fine balance of things in Tony's orderly life, reconnecting him with his first love from college, Veronica, and the nostalgic, yet clouded memories of a distant past. Inevitably, as Tony scavenges for bits and pieces through flashbacks, the out-of-focus picture of his youth will gradually sharpen, nevertheless, is he ready to face the truth?

Genre: Drama
Regie: Ritesh Batra
Darsteller: Jim Broadbent, Charlotte Rampling, Emily Mortimer, Harriet Walters
Land: GB 2017
Filmstart: 14.06.2018
FSK: 0
Länge: 108 Minuten